Terms and conditions of use

Mathey-Tissot is a brand of the company SWP Swiss Watch Partners SA., which specializes in the manufacturing and the sale of Mathey-Tissot swiss made watches for both men and women, and thus offers a very wide range and a large number of various models. With their experience in the watchmaking industry, SWP Swiss Watch Partners SA and their team of specialists are available to customers to advise and guide them in their choice.

Article 1 - General Provision

The General Terms set out below describe the regulations that apply to any proposed sale and delivery on www.matheytissot.com. Indeed, each purchase involves an agreement to be established between, on one hand, people wishing to purchase via the website of Mathey-Tissot https://www.matheytissot.com, hereinafter "the client" or "the customer" and on the other hand "the seller" or "the vendor" SWP Swiss Watch Partners SA, a company, whose registered office is located at 7, Avenue Krieg, 1208 Genève, Switzerland. The articles below relates only to non-commercial individuals. Any purchase of a property from this website means the client is taking knowledge of and accepting without possible withdrawal the present General Conditions of Sales.

Article 2 - Order

2.1 No order can be accomplished without authentication of the user on the platform. The latter should indicate his full name, date of birth, email address and postal address, as well as their telephone number. SWP Swiss Watch Partners SA reserves the right to cancel any order that may be suspicious or presenting any kind of risk.
2.2 By confirming the order, the customer accepts the price and the information provided to them on the product's page at the time of the purchase.
2.3 Any purchase is possible by payment in CHF, EUR, GBP or USD excluding tax for countries outside Switzerland.
2.4 In return, the seller commits to completing each order received, to the extent allowed by available stock.
2.5 In the case of a command that has to be sent to another country than Switzerland, the buyer is the legal importer of the product ordered. Thus, any customs duties, import duties, or any resulting tax will be borne by the buyer.
2.6 Products' pictures are merely illustrative, and for a more complete description of the product, the buyer must refer to the description of said product.
2.7 For any purchase presenting any kind of risk for the product, like purchase leading to professional use or any other use with an expectation of result that can be impaired by a lack of efficiency of the product due to that particular use, the seller can not be held responsible.
2.8 By ordering, the customer declares accepting all the Terms of Sale, after due acknowledgment.

Article 3 - Price

3.1 Any offer visible on the site is an offer considered operational. Same goes for the actual prices. Except in case of data error, the customer must rely on the data presented on the site.
3.2 If stocks become unavailable following the customer's ordering, he or she will be informed by the seller. Ordering and delivery durations will be lengthened if the case presents itself. The order may of course be cancelled in such a case at the customer's request.
3.3 All prices on the website swiss-made-watches.com are displayed in Swiss Francs, Euros or Dollars without taxes on a international level, but for Switzerland our prices include VAT. The priority in delivery is offered up from CHF 99.00 worth of purchase. TNT Express delivery is offered up from CHF 498.00 worth of purchase.
3.4 Prices and any extra costs (special posting method, invoice payment) for an order will be those that were in effect when placing the order.

Article 4 - Retention of title

4.1 The Client agrees to pay using the payment methods available to them. The products remain the property of SWP Swiss Watch Partners SA until full payment of the order has been received.

Article 5 - Terms of Payment

5.1 The customer has five options of payment available to him or her : via credit card (Visa, Master Card, etc.), via the secure PayPal system, via the secure PostFinance Switzerland system, via bank transfer or via invoice (for orders below CHF 1'500.-) sent by the company MF Finance AG, invoice payable in 30 days or in several monthly installments. Billing fee for each invoice is CHF 2.90.
5.2 The confidentiality and security of data transmitted by internet banking are two things provided by the seller, which guarantees the most formal safety of all its transactions. These are done through PayPal (secure and professional online payment system) or that of PostFinance. The website itself uses a secure platform SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for each payment. Thus, all the data flowing through the wire is encrypted and unreadable by any outside person, which guarantees customers a completely secure payment.

Article 6 - Data protection (Under federal laws of Switzerland)

6.1 Any data processing must be lawful.
6.2 Their treatment shall be in accordance with the principles of good faith and proportionality.
6.3 Personal data should be processed only for the purpose indicated when collected, as provided by law or from the circumstances.
6.4 The collection of personal data, in particular the purposes of the processing must be recognizable by the person concerned.
6.5 Where consent is required to justify the treatment of personal data concerning the person, they consent validly only if they express their will freely after being duly informed. When it comes to sensitive data and personality profiles, consent must be explicit in surplus.

Article 7 - Delivery and transport

7.1 Our service imposes no geographical constraint to customers, since deliveries are possible in any country of the world. Deliveries by Swiss Post take 5 to 8 working days for Europe and 10 to 15 working days for international deliveries.
7.2 The average measured period between ordering and the receipt of said order is 2-20 business days, including durations of delivery specific for each country. This period may be revised upwards in the event of unforeseen weather or incidental concerns, particularly in relation to customs controls specific to eac country. Swiss Made Watches can not be held responsible for such delays independent from their will and capabilities.
7.3 Delivery by TNT Express will impose on the client mandatory participation in shipping depending on their address. These additional costs will be charged over the original amount of the customer's order. From CHF 498.- TNT Express Shipping offered.
7.4 The order preparation time mentioned on the product sheet will be respected as scrupulously as possible by Swiss Made Watches services to optimize the best possible reception of each package. Of course, this procedure will operate only from the time the payment is made and approved by the service.
7.5 If an order contains several items whose availability does not match, the order will be grouped together within the deadlines imposed by the product which delivery time will prove to be the longest. The vendor may provide otherwise a unicast of each product if it can be beneficial to the customer. Of course, shipping costs will be charged to the customer at a combined shipping rate. Any delay in receiving will eventually not be the responsibility of the seller.

Article 8 - Warranty

8.1 Risky transfers: for damages arising during transport, the customer will agree that the fault can not be transferred to the seller, but the carrier or TNT Post.
8.2 Malfunction: All anomalies (considered poor, even very visible defects, etc.) may still give rise to an exchange as soon as possible and wherever possible. In a case like this, the referral fee will be paid by the vendor, not the customer. It is necessary to contact the service beforehand. A refund is also possible by transfer to the customer's bank account or in the form of a credit or asset on the website in other cases.
8.3 All products sold by SARL Almonds have a two year warranty. The warranty for defects excludes normal wear caused by time and usage.
8.4 After return by the client, the seller will check the goods. Obviously, no returns will be accepted if the process is deemed fraudulent, or if the products were visibly worn by the customer. In this case the items will be sent again to the customer by the seller. The customer can not claim any compensation.
8.5 Upon receipt of the order, the customer must check and verify the condition of the items to inform the seller of any damage or other. Otherwise the client will be deemed to have accepted the goods of the order.
8.6 Refund: All orders under CHF 500.- VAT will be refunded according to the payment method (Credit Card, PayPal, etc…) of the client. Within 30 days from the date of acceptance of the return. For orders above CHF 500.- TTC voucher will be credited into the customer. Up to a return or exchange per order.

Article 9 - Warranty conditions

9.1 Return of the client: Upon receipt of the item, the buyer has 14 days to return or exchange the order, but the charges therein are inherent to the customer.

Article 10 - Website

10.1 If hypertext links are redirecting to various sites located in the description of a product, the seller will not be held responsible for the unlawful lift on the corresponding websites, if it turns out that these links were pointing to websites where all was legal when the link was first activated.

Article 11 - Applicable law and jurisdiction

11.1 This contract is subject to Swiss law, the code of obligations applies as a supplement. In case of dispute concerning the validity, interpretation and / or execution of this contract, and in case of any other type of dispute arising between the parties, they accept and recognize the right of jurisdiction of the courts of the Geneva province, subject to potential appeal to the Federal Court. The parties hereby accept the jurisdiction of the court of Geneva wherever their domicile may be.
11.2 The original version is in french language, this english version is provided as it.